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Easter Craft-along sneak peak

Oooohhhh I am so excited to see who wins all the giveaways tomorrow.  Make sure you stop by!

So on to a new project.  I have been secretly planning this for a few weeks now.  By now (if you have been following this blog) you might have figured out that I love all things handmade.  With Easter just around the corner, I decided to have an all handmade Easter this year, excluding the boys suits.  So…. starting Monday, I am starting a handmade Easter craft along.  I am not sure about how I will work it out just yet so stay tuned but it is going to be fun.

I am thinking that I will post the projects and supply list on Friday and I may share my patterns that I have come up with for this craft along for free for my bloggy friends who sign up before Monday.  Not sure yet but I am working on it.  So for now, just a sneak peak at some of the supplies I have for the craft-along.

 I really like these colors

If you would be interested in a craft along, leave a comment so I can figure out how much interest there might be.  Oh…so much to do!

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On the third day of Christmas- Silhouette Christmas balls tutorial

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me…. Silhouette Christmas ball ornaments.

These ornaments might look hard but you can make a bunch in an afternoon.

What you will need:
Glass or clear plastic balls ( I found plastic which my babies cannot break)
Overhead projector transparency
Profile pictures
Black paper
Fabric tac
Fishing or clear string

Take your profile pictures.  In a picture editing program like Piknik you can make them as big or small as you like.

 Cut them out and trace onto your black paper. With an exacto knife or cuticle scissors cut them out.

I printed the year on my transparencies but you don’t have to.  Note: if you print it on your ink jet printer you will have to wait a day or two while the ink dries.  Laser copiers dry immediately.

Cut out a circle from the transparency smaller than your balls circumference and glue the silhouette in the center with your fabri-tac.Cut a piece of fishing line about 5 inches long and glue to the top of the circle.  Let it dry.

Pull out the silver ornament hanger, roll up the circle and push through the top of the ornament. Put the ornament hanger back on and cut the excess fishing line.

Hang it on your tree. Enjoy your beautiful ornaments which will become more and more cherished as the years go by.

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