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Walking in her shoes

I have a friend named Amy. I have known her for 2 years now though it seems much longer to me. She is a wonderful woman, friend, mother and wife. She is in the battle of her life right now, with cancer. She has fought this battle before but this time there is uncertainty.
I had not seen her in 7 months since we both had babies this last winter and the craziness of her new battle and beautiful new baby arrived. I have missed her much, you see… I admire Amy and love to spend time with her.
I got to see on thursday and friday to celebrate the birthdays of two of her precious little girls. I was wearing my usual birkenstocks (a hippy girls shoe of choice) when I noticed her husband was wearing the same clog style Birkenstocks. He said he wears his everyday which I understand. She told me that she had a pair which she had outgrown after this last pregnancy and they were practically new. At first I jumped at them because I love Birks and did not have the kind with 3 straps but the ride home I realized something else.
I cannot share in her battle, her pain or worry of uncertainty but I can pray for her and when I stand in her shoes I can feel her patience, strength, wisdom and courage.
I can walk in Amy’s shoes.

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Be it ever so humble there is no place like home!!

OK, (what is OK short for anyway) so I am in Miami and a family member asks me about my home. I say “It is on my blog, isn’t it?” She says that she must have missed it. I realized when I got back home that I have never posted pics of our home and farm.
***Disclaimer*** These pictures were taken when we first moved here so it is missing all the trees and gardens we have added but you get the idea.

Obviously the front of our home

My favorite place to be… the front porch.

Our pole barn which will be partially closed in someday soon.
The boys down by our irrigated catfish pond.
Folks, that concludes the tour of the outside, please come and visit us again.
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