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Fashion Forward

So Christopher comes around the corner wearing this get up. I ask him, what are you wearing, he says: Momma, this is my new look.

3 year olds are the most fashion forward people I know!!

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Walking in her shoes

I have a friend named Amy. I have known her for 2 years now though it seems much longer to me. She is a wonderful woman, friend, mother and wife. She is in the battle of her life right now, with cancer. She has fought this battle before but this time there is uncertainty.
I had not seen her in 7 months since we both had babies this last winter and the craziness of her new battle and beautiful new baby arrived. I have missed her much, you see… I admire Amy and love to spend time with her.
I got to see on thursday and friday to celebrate the birthdays of two of her precious little girls. I was wearing my usual birkenstocks (a hippy girls shoe of choice) when I noticed her husband was wearing the same clog style Birkenstocks. He said he wears his everyday which I understand. She told me that she had a pair which she had outgrown after this last pregnancy and they were practically new. At first I jumped at them because I love Birks and did not have the kind with 3 straps but the ride home I realized something else.
I cannot share in her battle, her pain or worry of uncertainty but I can pray for her and when I stand in her shoes I can feel her patience, strength, wisdom and courage.
I can walk in Amy’s shoes.

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