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Where I have been

There are a few readers out there looking for me and I am aware that I “fell off the face of the blog planet” but I have not had the time or energy to share why.

My world, in the grand scheme of things is relatively small.  Like most everyone, it consists of my husband, my children, my friends and extended family members.  Since my last entry I have lost the parents of two dear friends, gone through 4 holidays and had to face the reality of amazing and scary news.

OK, no I am not expecting but we are moving…. to Birmingham, Alabama.

To get you all caught up on the last 2 months, stay tuned for a bunch of back logged, post dated blog entries.

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Crunchy Catholic Momma is gearing up for the holidays

I have decorated the blog in a festive Thanksgiving theme.  I will probably change it a few times before I am completely happy but here it is.

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