My new normal and what I’ve been up to for the past 4 weeks

Did I really disappear for a whole month?  Can you all forgive me?  I have been through all the emotions humanly available in the past 4 weeks.  Every moment was spent feeding, snuggling and changing baby Matthew while getting ready for our daughters wedding which just passed.  Taking care of and getting well from flus and illnesses, discovering simple pleasures of just playing together and lots of good food.  It has been a hurricane of projects and we were so blessed to have so much help from friends and family.  Now that life is calming down somewhat I wanted to post one big review of last month with wedding pictures to follow tomorrow.  If I am honest, I really also had so much to share that I could not share anything and felt the need to withdraw inward with those that need me most but I am so happy to be back here in my space.  Thank you to all of you who have written with congratulations, with encouragement and just to make sure I am still here…I am : )

I am now dealing with a new normal.  Trying to find joy when I sometimes feel my joy has moved to her own house in her own life.  God works in mysterious ways I tell ya for I don’t think my heart could have standed the pain of my beautiful baby getting married without a new beautiful newborn to occupy my mind and heart.

I feel as though we have completely lost our rhythm but that is what usually happens when we add a new member to our family so I keep telling myself to just relax and enjoy the madness.  We have started school and that is helping to get our rhythm back but I miss my baking and sewing days.  I hope to get back to normal or in my case our new normal with a new baby and Alexandra being married.

Honestly, if I sit down long enough the reality hits me and I can’t believe it all really happened.  Everything that I had worked towards and anticipated this whole year has now come and gone and what is left is the everyday things to do, the smiles and hugs of little ones and the reality that whatever comes, life goes on and we have to go with it.  Here are some choice pictures of the last 4 weeks excluding the big day (those need their own blog post).

time for one last nap with baby brother before the big day

the wedding tent going up

the barn gets gussied up as our new bar area.  The other half (not shown in the picture) is dedicated to farm work. 

putting the name tags on hundreds of mason jars for guests to drink from during the wedding reception 

part of the wedding flowers.  they arrived via UPS and we had to get them in water fast.  water buckets covered the floor of the dining and foyer floor 

setting up the wedding reception tent after midnight on the night before the big day

my beautiful baby getting ready 

and her momma doing a last minute nail job

everyone exercising with Poppa

big brotherly love

So now we are all caught up except of course for the wedding pictures.  I am going through hundreds of pictures and will share them with you tomorrow or Monday.

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