Zoo getaway

Have I ever told any of you how wonderful my parents are?  They are!  They must have gotten their hands on the “how to be the best parents book” somewhere because I have never ever had a complaint about them.  They never meddle or pry, they support us even when they have doubts, they are always ready to jump in and help and they are thoughtful.

This year, knowing how I feel about presents and making them meaningful my parents gave us the best gift ever!  A yearly family pass to the zoo.  I can’t tell you how excited we were when the passes arrived.  The kids asked everyday to go but everyday we had a reason why we could not go.  Then Poppa woke up one day and told us to get ready to go to the zoo!!

We thought going on a Monday would be great but we forgot it was a holiday and the entire place was packed.  It took a bit of time just to get a parking spot and everywhere we turned there were people and lines.  I guess lots of other people woke up with the same idea.

We took it in stride and just made the best of it.  Not many pictures were taken because there was no opportunity to get a picture of much through the crowds.  Our favorite animals were the orangutans who put on quite a show with their shenanigans but again, no pics : )

Our zoo has a nice area full of rides which were not as crowded as the animal exhibits so we ended up spending lots of time there much to our shagrin.  Our purpose to having a pass was to see the animals and not the rides since the last time we were there all we got to do was the rides area.

We are planning our next visit for a nice quiet day when everyone else should be at work or school.  Everyone was pretty tuckered out by the time we went home for the day including Matthew who spent the day riding in my wrap.

Thank you Abuela and Abuelo!!

Hope to see you back here tomorrow for Stash Bash!!  Post a picture of your projects so you can link up.

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