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In response to Anonymous

Hi, I’m Tricia.  I am the mother of 9 children.  If that alarms you or you feel that our family size is irresponsible please read on.

We have raised chidren who are honest, hard working, generous and caring.  The have been raised to work hard and contribute.  Unlike many children in this days society, they have not been raised to feel that they deserve everything and know that in life they must work hard to reach their goals.  They know what a hard days work feels like and they also know the pleasure and pride in a job well completed.  They have been raised to respect authority while still knowing the right questions to ask.  They understand the concept of community and the importance of sharing not only their resources but also their kindness.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, a few days ago I received an anonymous comment (which I chose not to publish) and which I have decided not to answer the sender directly but instead address some issues right here in my own space.

The emailer read my post about how excited we are in welcoming a 9th child into our family.  She accused me of over populating the world, not walking the walk and using a “green” agenda to make myself look better or profit from other people who are trying to live a more responsible life through this blog.  I have taken a couple of days to write this and believe me it was way better written in my head but I digress.  In the past I have seen other blogger momma’s whom I care about get bullied by a comment poster.  Because they  are nice caring people those comments probably upset them.  If this was the intent of the person who sent me an email, let me assure her.  I am not upset by your comments, but as any mother of a large “brood” would do, I am going to take this opportunity to teach a little : )

So…lets take this step by step.

Firstly,  We do walk the walk.  Everyday.  We buy most things used because they have already made their impact on materials and resources.  I make alot of my childrens clothing, gifts and the things we need.  We recycle almost everything we can.  No paper products (well,  few paper products) rags for cleaning, un-needed papers are shred an added to chicken nest boxes and once soiled thrown in the compost.  We do not need to use anymore resources than a “normal” family of 4 might use because we watch our consumption and are happy with what we have.

Secondly,  I have never made a dime on this blog so any opinions or postings are my own ideas and not meant to profit from any “unsuspecting” reader who might visit here.   I have purposely not set my blog to monitze and share my ideas freely here because I like to share and believe that building community is important.  That does not mean that I would never take sponsors in the future but even in that event what you see here is what you get.  This is our life and we are sharing it with you.

Thirdly, Regarding my “overpopulating” the world.  I believe that we do not have enough people on this planet who care about others, who are good stewards and good citizens.  If you have a problem with children who will grow up to serve others and their community and be good, decent, God fearing people then my advise to you is have some children because you are going to be outnumbered.  Here is a little clip on demographics.

Society is made up of old people and young people. Old people didn’t start off old; they were once young: working, having families, and paying taxes. These young people gradually age until they are old and no longer able to work. When this happens, it is important for them to be fully replaced by a new generation of young people. These young people will in turn work, have families, and pay taxes, which go in part to supporting the elderly population which can no longer support itself.
However, this setup only works if the young are more or less equal in number to the elderly. If the number of workers becomes too few to support the number of elderly, then the whole system faces the danger of a catastrophic collapse. Witness the debate over Social Security.
-like Japan’s 1.21 children per woman–are in demographic collapse because each new generation is little more than half the size of the one that preceded it. At this rate, it would take only four generations to reduce the size of population to 10 percent of its initial size. To offset this decline and restore

In this country we are on the borderline.

So next time you decided to anonymously bully a mom online, pick one that won’t fight for her family, her rights, her faith and her freedom.

To everyone else who reads my blog and loves our family, stick around!!  The best is yet to come.

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Still here!

I am still alive.  I can’t believe so much time has passed since I have blogged and I feel as though I have fallen off the wagon and can’t get back up.  At first I just thought I would take a week off and just be and live but then a week turned into two and here we are 20 days later.  There has been so much going on here and I have no pictures to show for it.  I visited my parents back home and left my memory card in my moms computer.  She mailed it to me but the post office sent it back and so I am still waiting for my pictures to share with all of you everything that has been going on here in the past 20 days.

I want to thank everyone who sent me emails checking to see if everything is OK.  I didn’t mean to worry anyone but it does kinda make me feel all warm inside to know that some of you were thinking of me : )

I am fine, belly growing and trying to keep up with all my projects with much less energy than usual.  We have done alot housewise (new patio finally!!  remodeled the girls room) and I hope to share pictures of the garden because it is unrecognizeable from a few weeks back.  Spring is in full force and so is the work load but I am seeing the benefits and so that is where I have been…in the garden or working on the farm.

I have not picked up a ball of yarn (um except to tie up some tomatoes hee hee) or touched my sewing machine which is still buried behind 100 boxes of stuff.  There are so many projects I need to get back to but right now my heart is outside and that is where I feel the best.  I will try to sneak Alex’s camera to get some pics of the garden to post and share some broody news.

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