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I heart wool felt

Today is my birthday, yippee!!  I have spent the last two days being taken care of, laying in bed, out and about, having my meals brought to me and getting lots of hugs and kisses.

I heart felt as you can probably tell from some of my projects.  I use alot of felt in my studio but most of my projects I have to make from eco-felt so that my wonderful customers can afford them.  Wool felt however is my favorite right beside wool rovings and yarn.  Once you use wool felt, the cheap stuff at the stores just won’t seem right anymore. Wool felt is so soft and whatever you make with it looks so nice.

Back to my day of rest.  I did go to the mail box and what I found inside made my birthday even better.

  I ordered some wool felt from a new source last week, a wonderful store called Felt on the Fly.  From the moment I asked a few questions to the shop owner and placed my order I received nothing but the best service and made a new friend.  This girl is super cool and today when I got my package I was so impressed by the felt but the best part was the thought she put into packaging it and even included some wool felt swatches and a cute little ornament.

If you need some super nice wool felt, or have never used it, go check out Felt on the Fly here.  She has every color you can think of, the prices are great and you will love dealing with such a cool person.
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10 things you didn’t know about me

Well some of you may know some of this stuff but I am going to dig deep here:

1. I love food but am a horrible eater
2. I am very organize challenged
3. I love stale cheese puffs
4. I am an ex-beauty queen
5. I am scared of the dark
6. I hate to spend money
7. I don’t like eggplant
8. I have a foot thing, the first thing I look at is people’s feet (I am working on this, but it is really HARD!!)
9. I can’t stand it when people eat with their mouth open
10. I am a perfectionist about alot of things and I am also really impatient. These are polar opposites and it drives my family crazy.

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