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science fair

IMG_9285 IMG_9292 IMG_9293 IMG_9294 IMG_9297 IMG_9301 IMG_9302 IMG_9303 IMG_9305 IMG_9308It’s good to have community.  Yes, really, it’s necessary, especially when you are a kid.  We have found a wonderful homeschooling group and so far, we have met some very nice families.  Just a few days after finally making that connection, we found out that there would be a science fair so off we went in every direction of this house to work on something for each of them to present.

I’m not really the kind of momma that gets too involved in these kinds of things, (unless its a costume contest where the other parents will be making costumes and a childs work would not stand a chance, then it’s on!)  generally, I will allow them to win or fail on their own merits.

They came up with some very cool projects.  Studies on capillary action, chemical reactions and gases created, photosynthesis and even some homemade chokeberry ink.    All things that we all now know very intimately.  Science is fun like that.  Not the kind only in books but the kind that you go out and find for yourself.

The chokeberry ink may be my fave, of course and I am thinking of ways to use that resource we now have growing everywhere.  It is toxic to eat but handled carefully is a wonderful dye.  I think there will be some yarn and fabric dyeing in our very near future.


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Fire Station Tour

Less is usually more with us and leaving the house is not honestly my favorite thing to do.  Its not that it is hard or anything, it is just that our land is where we are grounded and centered and its where I love to be.  I do make the time to get the kids out alot during the week but I am always longing to be back home within a few hours.

I had planned a trip to the zoo which would be an all day thing.  We got up, did all the farm chores, left all animals, milked, fed, moved to new locations and comfortable.  Then we packed a lunch and headed out.  The zoo trip would be all afternoon followed by a Dino exhibit at night that the little boys where counted the days until it would be time to go.  One problem, there would be a two hour span of time where the zoo would be closed and then reopened and we were about an hour away from home.  I will post the zoo pictures in a few days since it would be a little overwhelming picturewise.

I called a wonderful friend, Tanja, who is a firefighter to see if she could give us a tour of the firehouse.  We would only be 15 minutes away from the zoo and I love being around her, she is a super great teacher and I knew the kids would love her tour.

It turned out to be the mac daddy of firehouse tours with the kids being allowed to climb into most of the vehicles, ask a gazillion questions and even put on her firesuit. I am truly grateful for the wonderful people we know.

did I mention that she is a great teacher

we got a demonstration on how quickly they can get their gear on for a real fire 

and how hot they get inside their suits

a future firefighter may have been born during this conversation

everyone got a chance to put on Tanja’s gear

and after much cajoling…Momma put it on too

and then there was time for just one more arm wrestling match

and it was time to head out

Thank you to all the Firefighters at the station for their hospitality!!  We all had a great time.

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